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“Jack should have that basic freedom. But if the government has its way, it would compel not just cake artists to celebrate what their faith prohibits, but other professionals who create art for a living, such as graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, and painters.” Phillips lost in the state court system, where one of the justices boasts of being a pro-homosexual advocate. Phillips, who has generated a tidal wave of support , shares the Christian belief that the standard for marriage was established by God, and no earthly court, including the U.S. Supreme

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Fiancée’s liar sister keeps making excuses not to come to our wedding Read Deidre's personal replies to today's problems DEAR DEIDRE: MY fiancée’s family are very close and I had hoped they would all be at our wedding. But her sister is being tricky. To our faces, her sister says she will come but tells other people she can’t make it. My fiancée's sister is being hard work and won't commit to our wedding One minute it is because she has an alcohol problem, the next it is because she has no money. My fiancée is 26. I am 29 and I have recently been

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These designers are the superheroes and saviours for the fashionista brides, bringing new and innovative ideas, trends, and to be very honest, bridal couture is probably the only way they make big money * not to be rude*.Different brides before your big day or for late-night dance parties. Dresses come in different and Afghanistan people (both men and women). With the silhouette options slightly limited, Marelus experiments with colon, beading, texture and her magic on the gown you'll wear down the aisle? Choose the designer Indo-western but they dominate the bridal world too. They rank out

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But some laws will be subject to a more searching review, the government explains, if applying the law would either alter someone’s speech or compel that person to participate in an event that conflicts with his beliefs. The government maintains that, at least in this case, Colorado’s public-accommodations law triggers that more searching review because it compels Phillips to create custom cakes for same-sex marriage celebrations, which (depending on the cake) can be either actual speech or, at a minimum, the kind of expressive conduct that conveys a message

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