A Simple Overview Of Speedy Tactics In Honeymoon

Which may make her marriage prospects look like a cakewalk to most secular women who are on their own when it comes to finding Mr. Right. Not so. Michal's love life plays out as a kind of swipeless Tinder experience, with results at least as confusing, frustrating, absurd and sometimes sad as in any rom-com today, except that the men wear side curls and big hats, the women long dresses buttoned to the neck, and sex won't be on the table for a long while yet. Yet our heroine is anything but subservient or meek. Actually, she's a pistol. Michal may be chaste, but she's no pushover, and she won't marry just to be married. A groom has been chosen, but he's acting shifty and evasive, and Michal, a stickler for honesty, pushes the immature lad to admit he doesn't love her. Down but not out, the jilted bride decides to go ahead with her wedding plans and trust that God will provide a groom.

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