Step-by-step Smart Systems In Bridal Limousine

9 Things You Shouldn’t Do the Week of Your Wedding 2. Crash dieting is not your friend The last thing you need is a hangry spell when everyone you hold dear is in town and your mother is asking about seating arrangements. Youve just had your dress altered to fit perfectly, so stick to your regular, healthy eating routine to look flawless on your Big Day. 3. Nows not the time for a new, crazy workout Play it safe at the gym, and exercise with caution. All that stands between you and hobbling down the aisle is one misstep on the TreadClimber. You dont want to be too sore to dance either. 4. Strayingfrom your established beauty routine is not recommended New creams or makeup? Deep facial treatments? It doesnt matter if your maid of honor swears by it.

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